Shooting the ZDF comedy 'With One Blow' (WT) featuring a celebrity cast directed by Lars Becker

from left: Kurt Krömer (Ingo Grünler), Marlene Morreis (Karin Grünler), Hinnerk Schönemann (Felix Grünler) and Lars Becker (Regie) © Andreas Wünschirs

Felix Grünler is peculiar rather than crazy – but when fate deals him a whole series of nasty blows the neurotic high-voltage electrician with a mania for all things organic suddenly finds himself in a psychiatric hospital.


The comedy 'With One Blow' (WT), an FFP New Media production, directed by Lars Becker with a screenplay by Christian Jeltsch, is currently being filmed in Berlin. The cast features Lisa Maria Potthoff, Sascha Reimann alias Ferris MC, Kurt Krömer, Marlene Morreis, Sahin Eryilmaz, Marleen Lohse, Therese Hämer, Peter Lohmeyer, Armin Rohde, Sophie Rois, Claudia Eisinger, Alexander Scheer, Barbara Philipp, Hansa Czypionka and Torsten Voges.


It's a terrible day for Felix. Yet again the mayor rejects his revolutionary lighting concept, his girlfriend dumps him, and when he calls round to see his mother Greta so they can celebrate her birthday he discovers that she has died in her sleep. As if that weren't enough, two debt collectors appear on his doorstep intent on forcing him to pay for a toaster that was never delivered. The normally so introvert Felix flies into a rage, and this brief episode sees him charged with criminal assault. It's a definite stroke of luck for Felix's sister-in-law Karin, who happens to capture the scene on video and sees an opportunity to cheat Felix out of his share of Greta’s legacy. With the help of her golfing companion, a friendly judge and psychiatrist, Karin arranges for the court to be presented with a series of witnesses against Felix. He is certified mentally incompetent and placed in a psychiatric hospital. Here he refuses to cooperate in any way. Not until he has a visit which plants the seed of hope does Felix begin to open up to the other patients – and to confront his own traumas at last.


The ZDF television film 'With One Blow' is produced by Michael Smeaton and Simone Höller and Greta Gilles (producer). The program executives for ZDF are Petra Tilger and Günther van Endert. Filming is expected to finish in the middle of December. A date for broadcasting has not yet been scheduled.


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