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Vatanyolu – The Journey Home

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Comedy | 94 min | 1989
Written by: Enis Günay, Rasim Konyar | Director: Enis Günay, Rasim Konyar | Camera: Egon Werdin
Filmed in: Berlin
Cast: Yaman Okay, Füsun Sen, Yavuz Kalan, Baris Cetinkaya, Jale Arikan, Yalcin Güzelce, Andrej Diamantenstein

Yusuf, the head of the Koc family, has made up his mind to return to Turkey. However, not every member of the family agrees with his decision; he even encounters vehement protests. And destiny - helped on its way a little, admittedly - decrees that his return is postponed for several weeks, which proves to be a gripping and eventful period for everybody in the family.