Television Film

Unassigned Journey

Drama | 90 min | ZDF | 1987
Written by: Friedemann Schulz | Director: Friedemann Schulz | Camera: Ludolph Weyer
Filmed in: Frankfurt, Metz, Spanien
Cast: Christian Brückner, Cordula Reyer, Christiane Lemm, Karl Michael Vogler, Edgar Böhlke, Norbert Kollakowsky,
Ekkehard Halke, Daniel Legler

Perhaps handwriting expert Leo Schneewind would have been better off choosing a special subject for his anthropology studies such as research into tribal activity in Polynesia or New Guinea. Instead of which he now has a desk job which manages to make him extremely lonely without offering him security or the peace of mind that should come with a true vocation.

Life really becomes complicated when he is sent on a business trip and his familiar surroundings give way to a strange world. He travels through France towards Spain, but instead of finding any truth on the way he instead loses contact with his profession and his home, and he becomes devoid of hope.