Three FFP New Media productions will premiere on German Television

Friday 20 October will see the launch of a new TV series planned for Degato; the comedy THE NANNY: MISSION MAURITIUS (directed by Peter Gersina and written by Martin Rauhaus) is showing at 20:15 on ARD.

Saskia Vester takes the leading role as Henni Höfner, a woman in her early 60s who may have no training whatsoever but, thanks to her inventive ideas, unlimited energy and wide experience of life, becomes the most unusual nanny in the whole wide world. Henni’s first job takes her to the beautiful island of Mauritius. She has been hired by widowed hotel manager Dieter Waldner as a nanny for his children; running the hotel and looking after his kids is simply too much for him...


The cast also includes Stephan Grossmann, Susanna Simon, Jürgen Tonkel, Elodie Venece, Anton Petzold and Pia Soppa.

On Wednesday 1 October ARD is broadcasting A GOOD MOTHER at 20:15. This thrilling TV drama commissioned by NDR and Degato is directed by Claudia Garde and written by Christian Jeltsch; it was premiered during the summer at the Munich Film Festival and presented at the Festival of German Films in Ludwigshafen.

Mona and Greta meet at the sea: single mother Mona (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) has brought her children to the small town on the Baltic where she grew up… so she can say farewell to this world. But she encounters local police inspector Greta (Mina Tander), who was also born here and now plans to turn her back on her job, her boyfriend and her mother. When Mona’s daughter suddenly vanishes in mysterious circumstances it causes a huge commotion, and Greta throws herself into the task of finding the missing girl and revealing the grim secrets behind a mother who is ultimately not entirely alien to her…


A GOOD MOTHER also features Axel Milberg, Judy Winter, Juri Winkler, Lisa-Marie Trense, Lucas Prisor, Jenny Elvers, Marek Harloff, Gerdy Zint and Werner Wölbern.

Comedy satire WITH ONE BLOW, directed by Lars Becker and written by Christian Jeltsch, is premiered on Wednesday 8 November at 20:15 on ZDF.

The top-calibre farce features Hinnerk Schönemann as charming eccentric Felix Grünler, a high-voltage electrician obsessed with organic life. After various blows of fate and intrigues he is wrongly committed to a psychiatric institution and has to employ all his powers in order to escape – only to discover that he will have to confront his own personal trauma after all…


The cast also includes Lisa Maria Potthoff, Sahin Eryilmaz, Sascha Reimann alias Ferris MC, Kurt Krömer, Marlene Morreis, Sophie Rois, Peter Lohmeyer, Therese Hämer, Armin Rohde, Claudia Eisinger, Alexander Scheer, Barbara Philipp and Marleen Lohse.