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Tulips from Amsterdam

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Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2009
Written by: Monika Peetz, Johannes Lackner | Director: Ilse Hofmann | Camera: Johannes Kirchlechner
Filmed in: Amsterdam, Munich
Cast: Gesine Cukrowski, Chiara Schoras, Beat Marti, Daan Schuurmans, Arthur Brauss

Anna Lechner loves working with flowers - she is a wholesaler - as much as she loves the tulip breeder Ed Verkerk. They live together on a farm not far from Amsterdam, and the only thing lacking in their lives is a child. But then Anna's father Wenzel Lechner dies suddenly, and Anna now has to take care of her family flower business, and her younger sister Lilli, in distant Munich. Lilli was injured in a car accident some years ago and can't walk without a leg splint. This embarrasses her so much that she hardly ventures out of the house these days. The only time she blossoms is when she works on the phone in the family business.

Anna returns to Munich, but before long Lilli becomes irritated by what she sees as her elder sister's bossy manner. She doesn't realise that Anna is only staying in Munich because of her, and is placing her relationship with Ed in jeopardy. While Anna becomes increasingly desperate, things take a turn for the better for Lilli; she meets Dr. Lorenz Bergmann, a surgeon who has developed a new operation that might enable her to walk normally in future. What's more, he's extremely attractive. Fearing that her sister is going to be disappointed, Anna confronts the doctor. But Lorenz Bergmann manages to allay her fears with his charming manner - and to win her friendship. Or is there something more between them? Lilli, who catches sight of them together, becomes convinced that there is, and that she is once again going to lose out to her older sister...