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To Be Twenty Again

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Comedy | 90 min | ARD | 2005
Written by: Monika Peetz | Director: Bettina Woernle | Camera: Andreas Köfer
Filmed in: Ireland
Cast: Bettina Kupfer, Peter Sattmann, Hansa Czypionka, Sissy Höfferer, Anna Bertheau, Florian David Fitz,
Peter Lerchbaumer, Claudia Schlenger, Hubertus Grimm

For over 20 years the sensitive Rieke Sattler has been married to Fred, a fishmonger, but the initial romance has faded from the relationship. The charming nature boy Fred has been transformed into a bitter complainer whose bad moods not only frighten away the customers in the village market but increasingly irritate his own wife.

One day the frustrated Rieke decides she has finally had enough and runs away to stay with her daughter, who lives with her boyfriend in Munich. Here she meets her childhood sweetheart Bruno again; he is a romantic, dreamy type, who now courts her once more with passionate declarations of love...