Television Film

Three Days of Fear

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Thriller | 90 min | ARD | 1997
Written by: Michael Zagor | Director: Klaus Knoesel | Camera: Ekkehart Pollack
Cast: Esther Schweins, Ralf Bauer, Hans-Jörg Assmann, Werner Karle jr., Miguel Herz-Kestranek,
Julia Heinemann, Florian Fitz, Aline Metzner

Linda Kohler hasn't left her remote house for the last five years. She suffers from agoraphobia: being in open spaces creates in her a sensation of panic. Thanks to her computer, however, she continues in a career as a very successful stockbroker.

One day three convicts who have just escaped from prison burst into her house: Telly Hahn, a professional criminal, Theo Bockmann, a quiet psychopath, and the young Nils Gärtner, a former colleague of Linda’s at the bank who was sentenced for a number of crimes including fraud...