THE WHITE RABBIT is awarded the 53rd Grimme Prize 2017

THE WHITE RABBIT, a production by FFP New Media for SWR, is awarded the 2017 Grimme Prize. The Grimme jury itself nominated this genre film about sexually motivated crime, by Grimme-winning director Florian Schwarz (Tatort: Im Schmerz geboren) at the end of January in the Fiction category.


Prizes will be awarded on 31 March at the Performing Arts Theatre in Marl. Those honoured at the ceremony will be director Florian Schwarz, writers Michael Proehl and Holger Karsten, cameraman Philipp Sichler and leading actors Devid Striesow and Lena Urzendowsky.

Michael Smeaton, Greta Gilles, Michael Proehl, Claudia Gerlach-Benz (SWR), Simone Höller, Florian Schwarz

The TV premiere of THE WHITE RABBIT was shown by the First German TV Channel as part of a theme evening, followed by a discussion on the subject of cyber grooming chaired by Sandra Maischberger. This premiere showing in September was popular with younger audiences, claiming a 10% market share: a total of 3.84 million people (12.6% of viewers) switched on for the production.

'Sara' alias Lena Urzendowsky in the virtual 'Cat Bistro'

THE WHITE RABBIT - Awards, Nominations, Festivals


Grimme Prize 2017 in the category 'Fiction'.

Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 'Der Blaue Panther 2017' to the main actor Devid Striesow. 

Creative Energy Award 2016 (Int. Filmfest Emden/Norderney) to the writers Michael Proehl und Holger Karsten Schmidt.

Medienkulturpreis 2016 (Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen) to the commissioning editor Claudia Gerlach-Benz.

Ludwigshafener Drehbuchpreis 2016 to the writer Michael Proehl.

Award of the Saarland Rundfunk (Günther Rohrbach Filmpreis) to the main actress Lena Urzendowsky.

In Competition at the Festival de la Fiction in La Rochelle.

In Competition of the TV-Film Festival Baden-Baden.

Nominated for the German Fernsehpreis 2017 in the categories 'Best Film', 'Best Music' and 'Best Script'.

Nominated for the 15th German Hörfilmreis 2017.

Nominations to the main actress Lena Urzendowsky for the New Faces Award and the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2017.

Nominated for the Prix Europa.

Presented at the international board INPUT 2017 in Thessaloniki.