TV Broadcast: 'Forever a Murderer - The Ritter Case'

Investigation Team Frank Wolf (Hinnerk Schönemann) and Yvonne Weber (Teresa Weißbach)

On 29th September ZDF broadcast the contemporary detective thriller 'Forever a Murderer – The Ritter Case' for the first time. This highly-charged television film, directed by Johannes Grieser, deals with an unsolved murder from the days of East Germany and was given an enthusiastic reception at previews - in the Munich Film Festival and the Thuringia State Centre in Berlin - and when it was first broadcast on ARTE.


The ARTE showing on 18 July recorded the highest market share for fictional programming on that channel over the past decade. And 'Forever a Murderer – The Ritter Case' was also a stunning success on ZDF, where 5.59 million viewers made it the most popular show that day; it was the most often viewed program on the catch-up service over the following weeks.


'Forever a Murderer – The Ritter Case' was inspired by a true story. Scriptwriter Holger Karsten Schmidt and the production team of Michael Smeaton and Simone Höller were assisted by a former detective from Rostock, Olaf Claus, who acted as a special consultant. The production stars Hinnerk Schönemann, Teresa Weißbach and Luca Zamperoni with a top-quality supporting cast including Karl Kranzkowski, Oliver Stokowski, Michael Gwisdek, Martin Brambach, Ulrike C. Tscharre and Maren Kroymann. 'For Ever a Murderer – The Ritter Case' is an FFP New Media coproduction with ZDF (program executive Günther van Endert) and ARTE, with the support of the Central German Media Subsidy Board (MDM).


The team at FFP would like to thank everyone who worked on the production and enjoyed the show on the edge of their seats!