FOREVER A MURDERER - THE RITTER CASE: Premiere at the 2014 Munich Film Festival

Scene Shots GUILTY FOR EVER - THE RITTER CASE ©Andreas Wünschirs

We are delighted that our television film FOREVER A MURDERER – THE RITTER CASE is to have its premiere on Tuesday, the 1st of July (16:30 o'clock, Rio I), at the 32nd MUNICH FILM FESTIVAL! This places the contemporary detective thriller – an FFP New Media coproduction with ZDF and ARTE – among the 18 best TV movies, as selected for the series New German Television.


FOREVER A MURDERER – THE RITTER CASE, directed by Johannes Grieser, screenplay by Holger Karsten Schmidt, is based on the true story of a musician and ladies’ man in the days of East Germany who was widely believed to have murdered his girlfriend. After the reunification of Germany two young CID officers are given the job of reviewing the case, and it quickly becomes apparent that the original investigation almost 15 years earlier was marked by curious inconsistencies, evidence withheld or concealed, and statements extracted under torture. The young detectives stubbornly persist in their attempt to break down the wall of silence erected by their older colleagues, and as they gradually establish the truth about what happened all those years ago they come to realise that the notorious East German Secret Service organisation, the Stasi, was not alone in bearing responsibility for the injustice and inhuman approach perpetrated in the name of law and order.


The film has a high-quality cast, featuring Teresa Weißbach, Karl Kranzkowski, Luca Zamperoni, Oliver Stokowski, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Maren Kroymann and Michael Gwisdeck. The supervising producer is Michael Smeaton, and it is produced by Dr Simone Höller. The program executives are Günther van Endert (ZDF) and Olaf Grunert (ARTE). The production, which has been made in association with the Central German Media Subsidy Board (MDM), was filmed during late autumn 2013 in Thüringen.