Beginning of the Movie Shooting for the Historic Detective Drama           'The Ritter Case' (WT)

f.l. Luca Zamperoni, Teresa Weißbach, Regisseur Johannes Grieser, Hinnerk Schönemann © Andreas Wünschirs

A routine survey of cold cases going back many years gradually turns into the investigation of an intriguing murder back in the days before the reunification of Germany. On 15 October filming of the historical detective thriller 'The Ritter Case' (working title) begins in Thüringen. The production is directed by Johannes Grieser from a screenplay by Holger Karsten Schmidt and features Hinnerk Schönemann, Teresa Weißbach, Karl Kranzkowski, Oliver Stokowski and Luca Zamperoni.


In October 1999 Yvonne Weber, a young CID inspector, is transferred from Frankfurt to Eisenach, in the east of the country. As part of a routine check of unsolved crimes from the days of East Germany, she and the young local detective Frank Wolf examine the case of a young woman who was murdered here 15 years earlier. Everyone in the local police force sees it as a very simple matter: the girl was killed by a local musician and village playboy called Konrad Ritter, who was never convicted thanks to a trick played by his clever lawyer. But when they take a closer look at the files, Wolf and Weber come across some staggering inconsistencies. It becomes apparent that facts have been twisted or ignored, confessions and witness statements obtained by force. Before long Frank Wolf is tormented by an inner conflict, because reopening the investigation means making trouble for his "family" in the police force, his old colleagues - including the chief inspector, now close to retirement, who has been like a father to Frank. These are the people who first investigated the Ritter case - and now they fight tooth and nail to prevent the obstinate young inspectors from digging up the truth about the past.


'The Ritter Case' (WT) is a coproduction of ZDFand FFP New Media in association with ARTE and MDM, the Central German Media Subsidy Board. The supervising producer is Michael Smeaton, and it is produced by Dr. Simone Höller. Günther van Endert is program executive for ZDF. Filming, currently taking place in Erfurt, Gotha und Eisenach, is scheduled to finish by the middle of November. The ZDF transmission date has yet to be set.