The Nanny: Mission...

Henriette Höffner (Saskia Vester) from Munich has always managed to cope with the quite normal madness of life; her weapons are an unconventional approach, an inventive mind, a big heart and plenty of experience. Now this born survivor is approaching her late 50s and in search of new adventures. The TV series 'The Nanny: Mission…' reveals how Henni becomes a roaring success as an exclusive nanny on the international stage – even though she has no official training.


Nanny Henni applies her refreshing humour and healthy emotions to the challenges she encounters with new families in exotic locations around the world, solving problems in her very individual way… and always firmly on the side of the children involved.

The Nanny: Mission South Afrika

Comedy | 90 min. | ARD Degeto | 2018

Written by: Robert Krause 

Director: Udo Witte

Camera: Ngo The Chau

Cast: Saskia Vester, Filip Peeters, Jürgen Tonkel, Anton Petzold, Jenna Dover, Neels Clasen, Finn Kenny, Liam Bosman et al.

The Nanny: Mission Mauritius

Comedy | 90 min. | ARD Degeto | 2017

Written by: Martin Rauhaus

Director: Peter Gersina

Camera: Jochen Stäblein

Cast: Saskia Vester, Jürgen Tonkel, Stephan Grossmann, Susanna Simon, Anton Petzold, Pia Soppa et al.