Television Film

The Deadly Influenza of Cologne

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Thriller | 90 min | SAT1 | 1999
Written by: Holger Badura | Director: Christiane Balthasar | Camera: Jochen Stäblein
Filmed in: Cologne
Cast: Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Reiner Schöne, Robert Stadlober, Charlotte Schwab, Max Herbrechter,
Claus-Dieter Clausnitzer, Georg Prang, Ute Willing

Panic is spreading in Cologne: a number of people have died from a mysterious virus. The government is playing down talk of a dangerous epidemic. But now Sonja finds her husband's body. The CID investigators are convinced that Reinhard, a virus researcher, took his own life. Sonja doubts this, and together with her stepson Jan she begins to investigate. It emerges that Reinhard had rented a separate apartment especially so he could study a highly dangerous virus which is extremely similar to the notorious Spanish flu...