In the summer of 2012 FFP New Media was commissioned to produce the new Tatort project.

The decision on the part of the Central German Broadcaster MDR to appoint FFP New Media producer of the new series followed an invitation for tenders that spring. From more than 100 submissions, FFP New Media was chosen. The broadcaster was convinced by the concept of setting the new series in Erfurt, capital of the central German state of Thuringia, and launching the youngest team in the history of Tatort. Following transmission of the first episode in November 2013, three of the most exciting young acting talents in the country will be investigating for the new Tatort Erfurt: prize-winning actress Alina Levshin (born in 1984), cinema star Friedrich Mücke (born in 1981) and Benjamin Kramme from nearby Weimar (born in 1982), who has appeared in numerous award-winning film productions.

The Mole

Detective Series | 90 min. | ARD/ MDR | 2014
Written by: Michael B. Müller, Leo P. Ard | Director: Johannes Grieser

Camera: Michael Boxrucker
Filmed in: Erfurt u.a.

Cast: Friedrich Mücke, Alina Levshin, Benjamin Kramme, Kirsten Block, Christian Redl, Werner Daehn, Oliver Stokowski, Franziska Petri, Ole Puppe u.a.

Cold Angel

Detective Series | 90 Min. | ARD/ MDR | 2013
Written by: Thomas Bohn | Director: Thomas Bohn | Camera: Martin Schlecht
Filmed in: Erfurt et al.

Cast: Friedrich Mücke, Benjamin Kramme, Alina Levshin, Kirsten Block, Godehard Giese, Henriette Confurius, Karoline Schuch, Florian Bartholomäi et al.