Great Launch of 'Tatort Erfurt' with the First Episode 'Cold Angel'

from left: Detective Chief Inspector Maik Schaffert (Benjamin Kramme), Police Intern Johanna Grewel (Alina Levshin), Detective Chief Superintendent Henry Funck (Friedrich Mücke)

Germany’s youngest Tatort team, featuring Friedrich Mücke, Benjamin Kramme and Alina Levshin, managed to clear the 10 million viewer hurdle from a standing start on Sunday, 3 November 2013. The new series of the long-running detective show, now based in Erfurt, performed extremely well in the face of strong opposition. With 10.32 million viewers Tatort, commissioned by MDR from FFP New Media (producer Michael Smeaton) for the national ARD television network, achieved a staggering 27.9% market share. And this includes 21.4% of younger viewers. “We are delighted by this fine beginning, and we’re very proud of our young team of actors. What’s more, we have been able to focus attention on the beautiful city of Erfurt, which was one of our aims from the outset,“ remarks Michael Smeaton.


Tatort Erfurt is the first episode of Tatort ever to be produced by FFP New Media. The production company, with head offices in Cologne and Munich, was one of more than 100 organisations to submit a pitch for the new series to MDR last year – the first time this process has been adopted. The first show, directed by Tom Bohn, featured Inspector Funk (Friedrich Mücke) and Inspector Schaffert (Benjamin Kramme), accompanied by the intern Grewel (Alina Levshin), investigating a murder in the student milieu of Erfurt, capital of the state of Thüringen.


Filming of the second episode in Erfurt begins in summer 2014.