Feature Film


Comedy | 80 min | 1989
Written by: Ecki Ziedrich | Director: Ecki Ziedrich | Camera: Egon Werdin
Filmed in: Frankfurt am Main
Cast: Helmut Zierl, Jan Fedder, Leonard Lansink, Nina Hoger, Claudia Demarmels, Andreas Mannkopff, Franz Nagler, Nikola Kress, Michael Quast Dieter Brandecker, Cornelia Niemann

"There is another man..." With these words, a new and less than happy phase in advertising man Mickey’s life begins. Because of this 'other man', his long-term girlfriend, Gilla, has suddenly told him that their relationship is over. The comedy "Singles" tells the story of Mickey’s wretched existence in a series of loosely-connected episodes.
He is completely unprepared for the single life which is suddenly thrust upon him. From this moment on, his daily life is full of malice: nobody understands his problem, everyone seems to derive a tacit pleasure from his misery. In fact, Mickey is obliged to reorganize his life completely. The apartment he finds after months of searching is a rather dilapidated one; his meals consist of deep-frozen fare; in pubs and bars he feels the only people who take any notice of him are retired old ladies. His friend Archer, more of a cynic than a humanist, provides him with little comfort. For a number of confused reasons, he begins a relationship with a slightly feminist radio presenter, Angelika. But the affair ends in disaster. All he has left is he hope that Gilla will one day return to him. But he hasn’t heard a word from her in all this time. Until that is, Mickey knocks on her door at two o’clock in the morning...