Robin Pilcher

Beyond the Ocean

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Drama | 90 min | ZDF | 2005
Written by: Gabriele Kister | Director: Stefan Bartmann | Camera: Marc Prill
Filmed in: Ireland
Cast: Katja Weitzenböck, Hardy Krüger jr., Renate Schroeter, Jürgen Jentsch, Patrick Mölleken,
Alexander-Klaus Stecher, Christine Reinhart, Timmi Trinks, Giulio Ricciarelli

After the death of his wife David, who is heir to the Lords of Inchelvie in Ireland and marketing manager of his own whiskey distillery, finds it extremely difficult to get back to any sort of normal life and be a good father to his little boy, Charles. In his grief he spends hours on end working in the castle garden and going for long, lonely walks along the beach. One day he saves a young woman from drowning there. It is a brief encounter; they have never seen each other before, and their paths part once again.

Shortly afterwards David travels to New Zealand to meet a new business partner. He stays in the spare room of an old friend from university, who soon recognizes David’s fragile state of mind and persuades him to stay in the country for a while in order to gain some distance from what has happened. Jennifer Newman, the owner of an advertising agency, lives not far away... and she has just returned from a business trip to Ireland, where she was hoping to be awarded the advertising contract for the Inchelvie Distillery. David knows nothing about this commercial connection between them, but he immediately recognizes Jennifer as the woman from the beach - and they both feel attracted to one another at once...