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Rivals for Love

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Drama | 90 min | NDR | 1999
Written by: Barbara Engelke | Director: Karola Meeder | Camera: Marc Prill
Filmed in: London and surrounding area
Cast: Katja Woywood, Walter Sittler, Manou Lubowski, Rolf Becker, Tina Ruland

Spoilt German teenager Leonora von Wagner and orphan Cassie McGann are bitter enemies; they are both pupils at an elite boarding school in England. Leonora is humiliated when her advances are rejected by the handsome stable-boy Dexter - but as if that weren't bad enough, she is furious to see him and Cassie making fun of her shortly afterwards. Leonora therefore vows to take revenge, and by means of a cunning plan she ensures that Cassie is expelled from the school. Cassie now creates a new life for herself as a buyer for a top London boutique, where stable owner Tyrone Ross catches sight of her and immediately falls in love.

Cassie is unable to resist the charming gentleman for long, and they are soon married. Then he takes her back to his country house, Claremore. Naturally she has no idea that Tyrone was once the lover of Mrs Wagner, the mother of her rival. Leonora flies into a rage and persuades her mother to remove their valuable racehorse from Tyrone’s stables, where he was training the animal. Tyrone doesn't tell Cassie he is in serious financial difficulties, and Thomas - his estate manager and paternal friend - helps him out. Leonora’s intrigues drive Tyrone to the brink of ruin. He manages to escape at the last minute with a lucky bet on a horse race, but now Leonora is determined to come between Tyrone and Cassie...