Television Film

Reunited in Malaysia

  • Wiedersehen in Malaysia 1
  • Wiedersehen in Malaysia 2
  • Wiedersehen in Malaysia 3

Drama | 90 min. | ARD/Degeto | Double Vision 2011
Written by: Martin Wilke, Silke Morgenroth | Director: Helmut Metzger | Camera: Helge Peyker
Filmed in: Malaysia
Cast: Stephan Luca, Raven Hanson, Katja Studt, Max Urlacher, Robert Giggenbach, Leonie Brill, Lawrence Wong

Malaysia: Holiday paradise, wonderful beaches – This is the setting where Tom Broder (Stephan Luca) gets the chance for a new beginning. After a tragic accident in Australia, in which his diving student died, he is glad about the new job as a diving instructor which Peter Gruber (Robert Giggenbach), the lucent hotelier and boyhood friend of his brother Kai (Max Urlacher), offers him. Tom seems to have a run of luck. His affection grows towards Sarifah Bt. Ismail (Raven Hanson), biologist and active tortoise welfarist. Together, they fight for the preservation of the hatcheries of the tortoises. As it turns out, they are located on a coveted beach section which Gruber himself wants to purchase in order to expand his first class hotel. Suddenly the past is catching up with Tom: Kai, with whom he broke off contact 18 years ago, spends his holiday together with his wife Anne (Katja Studt) and his daughter Sina (Leonie Brill) at Gruber’s hotel.


The unexpected reunion touches everyone to the quick. Tom has never been able to cope with the fact that his father always preferred Kai and handed down the printers to him – and, furthermore, Kai stole the love of his youth, Anne. After that Tom became a globetrotter without any ties, without being settled anywhere. Meanwhile, Kai is under pressure: He is not half the successful high-flyer he used to be, his company crashed and his marriage has broken down. Secretly Kai forges out a dangerous plan with Gruber, while Anne’s feelings for Tom are stirred up again, of which both Kai and Sarifah take notice. While Sarifah turns away from Tom in disappointment, Kai loses his temper. The old brother-rivalry explodes again. But after a violent encounter Kai disappears without trace…