Rebecca Ryman

Whoever Promises Love

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Drama | 90 min | ZDF | 2007
Written by: Gabriele Kister | Director: Dieter Kehler | Camera: Meinolf Schmitz
Filmed in: Udaipur, Dungarpur, India
Cast: Eva Habermann, Erol Sander, Mario Adorf, Daniela Ziegler, Bruno Eyron, Gudrun Landgrebe, Jeanne Tremsal, Hans-Jörg Assmann, Christoph von Friedl

At the end of the 19th century the young American girl Olivia arrives in India, having been invited by her aunt, Lady Bridget Templewood, who immediately starts looking for a suitable husband for her niece. But Olivia feels suffocated by the "good society" here, which consists exclusively of wealthy English colonial types. She longs for the freedom of her American home. And at this point she encounters the mysterious Jai Raventhorne, a close friend of the maharajah himself, who despises everything English... and especially the Templewood family. Jai is an outsider here and has been rejected by the smug, prejudiced world of British colonialism. He takes Olivia's heart by storm, but her rising passion for him is accompanied by the torments of hopelessness, because it appears that - although he also loves her - Jai is driven by a sinister force which is apparently more powerful than his feelings. Olivia is distraught when she hears that Jai has been accused of committing a serious crime against her family, and now her selfless love is transformed into bitter hatred. Will these terrible conflicts end up destroying her?