'Young Light' - filming in the Ruhr on Adolf Winkelmann’s new feature film

  • Pressetermin, Zeche Zollern, v.l.: Markus Langer (Evonik), Greta Gilles, Till Beckmann, Christoph Pellander (WDR), Christiane Schaefer, Charly Hübner, Petra Müller (NRW-Stiftung), Adolf Winkelmann, Oscar Brose, David Slama (DoP)
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  • Till Beckmann (Autor und Gastrolle), Adolf Winkelmann (Regie), Charly Hübner und Oscar Brose (Hauptdarsteller)
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  • Die beiden Hauptdarsteller Charly Hübner und Oscar Brose.
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Filming of Young Light, the new feature film by award-winning film-maker Adolf Winkelmann (whose works include ConterganJede Menge Kohle, and Die Abfahrer) has started in the Ruhr region on Monday 6 July. The screenplay is by Nils Beckmann, Till Beckmann and Adolf Winkelmann, based on the novel of the same name by Ralf Rothmann. David Slama will be wielding the camera. The top-quality casts features Charly Hübner, Lina Beckmann, Peter Lohmeyer, Nina Petri, Stephan Kampwirth, Caroline Peters, Ludger Pistor and Jürgen Schornagel in the leading roles, supported by the younger acting talents of Oscar Brose, Magdalena Matz and Greta Sophie Schmidt. This movie is produced by FFP New Media (Supervising Producer: Michael Smeaton, Producer: Greta Gilles) and Winkelmann Filmproduktion (Producer: Christiane Schaefer) in association with WDR (Program Executives: Götz Bolten and Christoph Pellander) and ARTE (Andreas Schreitmüller), with the support of the NRW Film and Media Board, the Department of Culture and Media (BKM), the Ruhr Coal AG Foundation (RAG) and with the assistance of Evonik Industries.


Summary: Young Light is a film about innocence, sex and violence in the Ruhr region in the 1960s. With laconic humor it tells the story of a 12-year-old’s miner’s son’s first contact with the adult world, which he observes with sensitivity but cannot comprehend. Confronted with sickness and death, sin and repentance, erotic attraction and the intoxicating new sensation of freedom, the boy experiences one summer when everything changes – and yet remains the way it is.


Director Adolf Winkelmann: ”Ralf Rothmann’s Young Light fascinated me from the very first sentence. Every character, every scene reminded me immediately of my own childhood. The grandfather who was allowed to drink as much lemonade as he wanted to in the hot steel works, teachers who told the same war stories over and over again… Young Light illuminates post-war Germany through the eyes of a 12-year-old – it is a very tender yet brutal story from the sinkhole of Germany.”


Filming will continue at original locations in Dortmund, Bochum, Marl and Bottrop, and at the MMC Studios in Cologne until 23. August 2015.


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