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Comedy | 90 min | Afromovies, Filumé Filmproduktion, True Lines Entertainment | 2007
Written by: King Ampaw, Klaus Bädekerl | Director: King Ampaw | Camera: Edwin Horak, Yao Ladzekpo
Filmed in: Ghana
Cast: David Dontoh, Issifu Kassim, Agatha Ofori, Kofi Baba Bucknor, Fritz Baffour

No Time to Die is a turbulent African comedy about love and death.

Asante drives a shiny black car; his job is to transport dead bodies. He and his assistant Issifu take the corpses from the Ghanaian capital Accra to the villages the people came from, where the funeral ceremonies are held.
Asante loves his job. But he does have one problem. What woman would choose to be together with a driver of dead bodies? Until Esi walks into Asante’s life. She is a young dancer whose mother has just died; she wants to take the body back to the village. For Asante it is love at first sight. And with the help of Issifu he even manages to win the heart of the beautiful girl. But Esi’s father is adamantly opposed to a liaison between his daughter and the young man. Marriage? Over his dead body! Asante refuses to give up. Absolutely determined to marry Esi, he even resorts to the use of a few supernatural tricks…