New Heroic Epics

Comedy | 3 x 30 min | hr | 1989
Written by: Bernd Eilert, Peter Knorr, Jörg Metes| Director: Peter Knorr | Camera: Marian Czura
Filmed in: Frankfurt / Mallorca
Cast: Michael Quast, Guido Thylmann, Marjam Azemoun, Jean-Pierre Cornu

Is it really possible to narrate heroic epics these days? Not seriously, in all probability. But these three satirical portraits of heroes, produced in the summer of 1989 in HR, prove that it can certainly be done in jest.

The authors Bernd Eilert, Peter Knorr and Jörg Metes are all specialists in the art of comedy. Eilert and Knorr (together with Robert Gernhardt) are the ones who compiled the comedy series “Dr. Muffels Telebrause” as well as being scriptwriters for Otto Waalkes. Now, with their colleague Jörg Metes from the satirical magazine Titanic, they have assembled a gallery of modern heroes.

The descriptions of these characters hit the target every time - although they are in fact parodies which only just miss being portraits of real figures. That is, unless there actually is a popular German tennis player called Moritz Mecker, a worldly political figure by the name of Greta Shelly and an ageing travel agent and sporting goods dealer known as Johann Neppermann? – At the same time, you get the feeling you really do know people like this. And these New Heroic Epics help you know them better. In each 30-minute episode they are presented by means of dubious witnesses, hysterical documents and outrageous film footage.