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My Heart in Malaysia

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  • My Heart in Malaysia
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Drama | 90 min | ARD | Double Vision | 2010
Written by: Thomas Hernadi | Director: Helmut Metzger | Camera: Helge Peyker
Filmed in: Malaysia
Cast: Ursula Karven, Oliver Stritzel, Max Felder, Carmen Soo, Steve Yap u.a.

Juliane Wenzel has an antique shop in munich specialising in Asian art. Since the death of her husband six months ago, however, business has been terrible: he was the one who travelled round the Far East buying goods for the shop. So Juliane and her son Oliver, who is studying history of art, not only have to cope with the death of Jürgen Wenzel but are also in dire straits financially. Customers are abandoning them, the life insurance refuses to pay up, and the tax office is on their backs. In fact, Juliane is considering selling their house in Malaysia - when she gets a call from the Malaysian police telling her that the house in Malacca has been broken into. Juliane gets on the next plane to Malaysia.

With the help of the attractive Malaysian Mohan who claims to be an art dealer, and Jürgen's former secretary Dalina who runs a little souvenir shop in the centre of Malacca with her little daughter Tanita, Juliane starts to investigate the background of the break-in. But she has no idea that she has been watched by a mysterious stranger since her plane landed here - and that she has disturbed a veritable hornet's nest...