Michael Smeaton

Michael Smeaton

Chief Executive

Michael Smeaton was born in 1952 in Muenster / Westphalia, Germany, and has been working in the filmbusiness since 1975. In 1980, he founded the production company Frankfurter Filmproduktion, which today is known under the name FFP New Media. As one of the first producers in Germany, Michael Smeaton secured film rights to works by bestselling novelists such as Rosamunde Pilcher, Barbara Wood, Joy Fielding and Enid Blyton, thus practising what came to be known as branding long before the term became familiar in Germany.

Michael Smeaton has been producing TV films, movies and series with leading US producers for broadcasters like CBS and TNT. By virtue of numerous coproductions he has created a worldwide network of contacts. Under his direction, the FFP New Media has been developing to one of the leading TV and film production companies in the past years.


Michael Smeaton is member of the German Film Academy, the German Producers Alliance - Film and Television, the curatorship of the friends' association of the German children's film, as well as of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.