Television Film

Love without Trimmings

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Drama | 90 min | ARD/Degeto | 2009
Written by: Martina Brand | Director: Karsten Wichniarz | Camera: Rainer Gutjahr
Filmed in: Munich, Marrakesh
Cast: Christina Plate, Erol Sander, Lena Beyerling, Helmut Zierl, Janette Rauch, Daniele Legler,
Thamara Barth, Martin Stosch

After a long barren period Saskia has finally fallen in love again and is determined to marry this wonderful man. And how does her adolescent daughter Mira take the news? Badly. What's worse, she sets off to find her biological father, merely leaving a brief note telling her mother not to worry.

Ahmet is German-Moroccan and lives in Marrakesh. He has no idea at all that he has a daughter. He never understood why Saskia abruptly broke off their relationship 15 years ago... seven months before the girl was born. And when he thinks about how distraught he was at the time, it still makes him furious.

In fact it was his own father who destroyed their relationship. This proud businessman was determined to prevent his son from living with a German woman. But now Mira's sudden appearance in Marrakesh brings the past back to life for Saskia and Ahmet – in turbulent fashion...