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Love Under the Sign of the Dragon

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Drama | 90 min | ARD | Oak3 Films | 2008
Written by: Thomas Hernadi | Director: Helmut Metzger | Camera: Helge Peyker
Filmed in: Singapore
Cast: Erol Sander, Li Lin Wong, Denise Zich, Steffen Wink, Fang Rong, Chen Pei-pei, Zhu Hou Ren, Roland Schäfer, Georg Prokop, Ezann Lee

The successful businessman Alexander and the young doctor Anna are about to get married when Alexander’s boss – Anna’s father – sends him to Singapore on a very important business trip. Furious that Alexander has forsaken their wedding plans for his job, Anna breaks off the engagement.


In Singapore Alexander is introduced to his new assistant, the beautiful Li Lin. Convinced that his relationship with Anna is over, he soon falls in love with her. Their love, though, is put to the test when Anna’s brother Philipp – jealous of Alexander’s success and the esteem that he enjoys in his father’s eyes – blackmails Li Lin into stealing the plans for Alexander’s project. Torn between her love for Alexander and concern for her daughter, she reluctantly plays her role in Philipp’s devious scheme. Filled with shame, she withdraws from Alexander, just as a long suppressed illness takes its toll.


Hoping to be reconciled with Alexander, Anna travels to Singapore and begins working at the hospital where Li Lin is being treated. Soon a friendship develops between the two women that endures even after Anna discovers that her patient is in love with her ex-fiancé. She becomes painfully aware that the heartfelt purity of Alexander’s passion for Li Lin exceeds anything he ever felt for her. When Alexander forgives Li Lin, Anna bravely decides to give up Alexander and allow destiny to follow its own course.