Television Film

Love in Lion City

  • liebe-in-stadt-der-loewen

Drama | 90 min | ARD | 6-6-8 Ltd. | 2009
Written by: Thomas Hernadi | Director: Heidi Kranz | Camera: Nino Martinetti
Filmed in: Singapore
Cast: Lara Joy Körner, Diana Körner, Jason Chan, Max Urlacher, Li Lin Wong, Marie Rönnebeck, Zhang Wei,
Doreen Zhu, Henry Heng, Laurence Pang, Vincent Tee, Andrew Hillyard, Russell Tan Tze Yao

Anniela Hansen is facing a turbulent time. Although she is happy in her job as an elementary school teacher in Hamburg, she is about to move to Singapore with Robert, her fiancé, to start a new life. After their wedding Robert is to become general manager of the trading firm Anniela's late father founded there; her mother Dorothea hopes her future son-in-law will be able to revive the fortunes of the troubled company. Just before they are due to leave Anniela catches Robert in the arms of another woman. She breaks off their engagement but decides to move to Singapore by herself. She grew up in the city, and she is looking forward to seeing her old friend Indra once again. What's more, she already has a job lined up in a language school.

Dorothea makes up her mind to fly to Singapore with her daughter. She still hopes that Anniela and Robert will be reunited, but she fails to take account of Anniela's mounting need for independence. The young woman wants to go her own way. She takes an apartment in Chinatown rather than live in her parents' villa, and she also becomes involved in Indra's music school, a charitable organisation that helps talented children from poor families.Anniela begins to forget about Robert, and she meets Dai Sijie, one of her pupils at the language school. There is an immediate attraction between them, and soon they fall in love – a development which far from pleases Dorothea. Anniela has no idea that Dai Sijie is the son of a local building contractor, a wealthy businessman who is behind the project to demolish Indra's music school so a casino can be built there. Without knowing that Dai Sijie is at all involved, Anniela begins to fight to save the music school...