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Love at Third Sight

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Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2007
Written by: Thomas Oliver Walendy | Director: Helmut Metzger | Camera: Zivko Zalar
Filmed in: Verona, Munich and surrounding area
Cast: Katja Weitzenböck, Roland Koch, Thure Riefenstein, Sabrina White, Dietrich Mattausch, Andrea Eckert,
Tamara Barth, Antonio di Mauro, Pierre Kiwitt

The news comes out of the blue; an anonymous phone call informs Dianne Schönleber (Katja Weitzenböck) that her husband Heiko (Thure Riefenstein) - at present on a business trip to Verona - is being unfaithful to her. On the spur of the moment she sets off in pursuit, and on the train to Italy she meets the mysterious Anton Brück (Roland Koch). In Verona Dianne discovers that Heiko really does have a mistress: the attractive Viktoria (Sabrina White). And that's not all: he tells everybody that Viktoria is his wife! Dianne strides into the nearest bistro and tries to drown her sorrows in red wine, but suddenly the man she met on the train appears in front of her. Realising how upset she is, Anton is unwilling to leave Dianne by herself, and so on the spur of the moment he takes her with him to an important business meeting. Anton is meeting the Berlinghieris, who run a famous vineyard here; he hopes to get the contract for distributing the wine back in Germany. Naturally he has no way of knowing that his rival for this lucrative deal is none other than Heiko Schönleber. And sure enough, soon Dianne and Anton are sitting down to dinner with Signor and Signora Berlinghieri (Dietrich Mattausch and Andrea Eckert) along with Heiko and Viktoria. Anton decides to go on the offensive and introduces Dianne as his wife. Before long the commercial and amorous complications get completely out of hand...