Feature Film

Lock & Key

  • schloss und siegel 1
  • schloss und siegel 2
  • schloss und siegel 3

Drama | 81 min | 1987
Written by: Geraldine Blecker, Heidi Ulmke | Director: Heidi Ulmke | Camera: Jörg Jeshel
Filmed in: Frankfurt and surrounding area
Cast: Christiane Carstens, Karl Maslo, Susanne Bredehöft, Geraldine Blecker

It isn't so unusual for love to develop between penpals. However, the situation for Babsi and Michael is complicated by the fact that they are both in jail at opposite ends of the country. So what is to be done when they feel they can't go any longer without actually seeing each other face to face?

They apply for permission to visit each other. Which is the beginning of a grotesque fight against prison bureaucracy for the two lovers; the officials at their desks would like nothing better than to discourage them completely on the principle that: "Rules are rules".

While they continue to battle against the everyday absurdities of life behind bars they look forward feverishly to the day when they will meet – when all their hopes will be fulfilled. Or so they imagine.

But perhaps travelling really is more important than arriving in this case…