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How Do You Swap Your Parents?

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Comedy | 90 min | SAT1 | 2002
Written by: Martin Rauhaus | Director: Thomas Louis Pröve | Camera: Uwe Schäfer
Filmed in: Munich and surrounding area
Cast: Maxime Foerste, Tim Bergmann, Sonja Kirchberger, Moritz Lindbergh, Franziska Schlattner, Helmut Zierl,
Paul Louis Pröve, Stacy Keach, Arthur Galiandin, Marlies Blumschein

Max Hoch, Security Director at the Lloyds company, hardly seems the best person to be given the job of rescuing a 10-year-old girl who has been kidnapped. The young man does like children, but only as long as he doesn't have any immediate contact with them - a state of mind which causes considerable distress to his girlfriend Karo. But now Max establishes that little Marie faked her abduction; she was attempting to escape from adoptive parents she hates. Vincent and Lydia Lufft only adopted Marie in order to further Vincent's career with Henderson Toys: the management of the company feels that all the employees should be child-friendly.

While Marie and her friend Nick negotiate the ransom demand by disguising their voices over the phone, Heinz Michlin – a friend of the Lufft family - discovers what the children are doing and decides to get involved. He has lost a fortune on the stock market and is prepared to go any lengths in order to pay back his debts. So just when Max manages to track Marie down, Michlin’s henchmen appear. They are genuine kidnappers and ruthless characters. Max arranges for little Marie to stay with Karo - who has no idea what is going on - in the hope that she will be safe there. But in the meantime the police begin to suspect Max himself of involvement in the kidnapping. Now there is only one chance: Max has to set a trap for Michlin if he wants to get out of this mess in one piece...