Feature Film

High Speed

Thriller | 96 min | ORCA Production, Avidia Film Paris | 1985
Written by: Monique Dartonne, Michel Kaptur, Olivier Douyere
Director: Monique Dartonne, Michel Kaptur | Camera: Alain Lasfargues
Cast: Bruce Thurmann, Mireille Perrier, Peter Schlesinger, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Ulrike Schirm,
Sergi Özdamar, Lutz Weidlich

How much do you trust the people who develop your private photographs and make prints of them? Enough to let them handle some very personal self-portraits you have made?
The young and attractive Frenchwoman Edith has come to Germany for the first time and made some erotic photographs of herself for her boyfriend, who has remained back home in Paris. Edith, a film editor, is in Frankfurt to work on a gripping documentary film. Unfortunately her lover will never see the photographs, because two assistants in the laboratory while they were being developed have sold them to an obsessive press photographer. This is the start of a game that quickly becomes a nightmare for Edith…