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Hen in a Boat

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Drama | 105 min | 1983
Written by: Arend Agthe | Director: Arend Agthe | Camera: Jürgen Jürges
Filmed in: Berlin
Cast: Julia Martinek, David Hoppe, Fedor Hoppe, Uwe Müller, Hans Beerhenke

When her parents go on holiday with her cousin’s mother, Johanna is sent to stay with Robert and his grandfather. At first the children have little to do with each other. Robert keeps his distance and Johanna is shy and feels lonely. But then she learns of his secret and makes him agree to let her in on his plan to travel down the River Weser as far as the open sea, to the point where, according to Robert, the whole world is connected. When on the morning of their nocturnal departure their grandfather discovers the children’s disappearance, he sets out after them. He finds himself becoming increasingly entangled in a difficult double-edged role, for he has to cover up the children’s departure to their mothers in his regular telephone calls. Although he often comes very close he never quite manages to catch up with them, but shortly before their destination he bumps into them, under circumstances none of them could have foreseen.