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Happiness in Brazilian

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Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2010
Written by: Thomas Hernadi | Director: Dietmar Klein | Camera: Johannes Geyer
Filmed in: Leipzig and surrounding area
Cast: Markus Knüfken, Carolina Vera, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Simone Hanselmann, Andrea Eckert,
Sven Martinek, Cuco Wallraff

Two years ago Edgar Strack lost his beloved wife in a car accident, and since then he has been trying his best to be a good father to his three children. At the same time he wants to further his career; his ambition is to become senior partner in the management consultancy company where he works. However, these two aims seem to be mutually exclusive. If he succeeds in keeping everything under control in the company, he finds that things have descended into total chaos back home. The task of managing the household and bringing up the kids is simply too much for him, and every nanny he hires walks out after a short time: Edgar's to-do lists are simply impossible.

Now he has once again been abandoned and is trying to manage everything by himself - at precisely the moment when he is supposed to be devoting all his attention to a big deal for the company. His colleague and arch-rival Andreas Behrens exploits the opportunity to delay the appearance of important documents for the deal. Edgar flies into a rage and accuses his new translator, Ana Mendez, of having messed up. He fires her on the spot. But when Ana happens to meet Edgar's little daughter and becomes friends with her, he then hires her again as the new nanny: after all, it is an emergency...