Autumn/ Winter 2017: FFP New Media Cologne has produced two TV movies for the First Channel


BILLY KUCKUCK - MARGOT MUST STAY! is the pilot episode of a planned series about an unconventional bailiff, portraying her eventful professional activities and her no less turbulent private life


Impounding poisonous snakes or getting an environmental activist down from a tree that is about to be felled – that's all part of everyday life for the Mainz bailiff Billy Kuckuck. On the other hand, cases like that of 80-year-old Margot Kühlborn, who is to be evicted from the apartment she has called home for the last 50 years because the owner claims he needs it for his own purposes, are not so easy for Billy to put out of her mind. Otherwise, she is a bailiff through and through – tough, but with a big heart!


Drehstartfoto KUCKUCK (AT): v. l. Gregor Bloéb, Aglaia Szyszkowitz und Regisseur Jan Růžička


Alongside Aglaia Szyszkowitz in the title role of Billy Kuckuck the production also features Gregor Bloéb as her unfaithful ex-husband and Ursela Monn as Billy‘s exhausting mother.       


KUCKUCK (AT): MARGOT MUSS BLEIBEN is an FFP New Media production commissioned by SWR and ARD Degeto. It is written by Kirsten Peters, the director is Jan Růžička, and Gunnar Fuß is the cameraman. Claudia Gerlach-Benz (SWR) and Stefan Kruppa (Degeto) are the commissioning editors. The film is scheduled to be broadcast on a Friday in May 2018 on ARD.


The second FFP production, THE HOMEBOY (AT), is for ARD Degeto (commissioning editor Carolin Haasis), a bitter-sweet comedy about a fateful three-way relationship:


Armin has virtually abandoned any hope of finding happiness in the perpetual struggle of life – until he meets the woman of his dreams at last. Everything with Tina could be simply perfect... if it weren’t for her son Hendrik, a 25-year-old failed artist with a looming presence who still lives at home and won’t tolerate another man anywhere near his beloved mummy. Soon Hendrik declares war on Armin, who has no choice but to engage in a bitter though surreptitious struggle with Tina’s unpleasant offspring, if he wants to keep the woman he loves…


The production features Francis Fulton-Smith, Carin C. Tietze and Florentin Will in the leading roles. The script is by Claudius Pläging, the director is Franziska Meyer Price, and Felix Cramer is the cameraman. 


THE HOMEBOY (AT) is scheduled to be broadcast on a Friday in 2018 on ARD.

Franziska Meyer Price (Regie), Francis Fulton-Smith, Carin C. Tietze, Florentin Will

In addition to six ROSAMUNDE PILCHER TV movies for ZDF, this year FFP New Media has produced for ARD Degeto THE NANNY: MISSION MAURITIUS, the pilot episode of a new TV series for ARD.