FFP Christmas Program 2014

Second Erfurt TATORT 'The Mole‘ on fourth Sunday in Advent

On Sunday 21 December ARD will be broadcasting the second Tatort set in Erfurt; the series is an FFP New Media production commissioned by MDR for this national TV channel. In this new story the trio of CID inspectors Henry Funck (Friedrich Mücke), Maik Schaffert (Benjamin Kramme) and Johanna Grewel (Alina Levshin) investigate a serious case which also pushes them to the very limits of their personal capacities.


The story: Timo Lemke, a king of the red light district who is behind bars for manslaughter and people-smuggling, is given leave to attend his father's funeral. Although he is due to be released soon, he takes this opportunity to escape – calmly shooting dead a police officer in the process. While Funck, Schaffert and Grewel mount a search for Lemke, their boss, CID Superintendent Petra "Fritze" Fritzenberger (Kirsten Block), is kidnapped. It emerges that Petra Fritzenberger, together with Superintendent Volker Römhild (Christian Redl), was the officer who succeeded in tracking down and arresting Lemke all those years ago. Is he intent on taking revenge for her investigative success? And does that mean Römhild is now also in danger? Exactly what role did their former police colleague Ingo Konzack (Oliver Stokowski) play in all this? Before Funck, Schaffert and Grewel have the opportunity to ask him, Lemke is found dead. So how can our trio now establish where their boss is being held?


The screenplay for this new Erfurt episode of Tatort was written by Michael B. Müller and Leo P. Ard; it is directed by Johannes Grieser, while Michael Smeaton and Judith Smeaton are the producers. Meike Götz is the supervising editor for MDR. "Cold Angel", the first case for the trio of investigators in Erfurt, achieved outstanding success with 10.32 million viewers and a market share of 27.9 percent. The market share for young viewers was a stunning 21.4 percent.


Three-Part PINOCCHIO in ARD Christmas Program 2014

The new film version of Carlo Collodi‘s charming fairytale PINOCCHIO, a blend of real film and computer animation featuring Mario Adorf in the leading role which was broadcast by ARD during their 2013 Christmas program as a two-part family event, will also be shown over Christmas this year on the same channel – but now in three 60-minute parts. The adventure of the sprightly wooden puppet with the famous long nose can be seen on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on ARD, at 9.30 in the evening in each case.


Alongside Mario Adorf as the old toy-maker Gepetto this delightful piece of family entertainment also features an outstanding cast for the other main roles, with Ulrich Tukur, Inka Friedrich, Benjamin Sadler, Florian Lukas, Sandra Hüller and Anke Engelke (as the voice of Coco the cricket). The screenplay was written by Alexandra Maxeiner in association with the director, Anna Justice. FFP New Media (producer: Michael Smeaton) produced the film for ARD as a coproduction with WDR with the support of the NRW Film and Media Fund.