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Drama | 81 min | BSI British Film Institute, S4C, ZDF | 1992
Written by: Steve Gough | Director: Steve Gough | Camera: Patrick Duval
Filmed in: Luxemburg, Wales
Cast: Pascale Delafouge-Jones, Sue Jones-Davies, Klaus J. Behrendt, Seiriol Tomos, Margaret John,
Iago Wynn Jones, Eiry Palfrey

Rural Wales. 1940. Elenya is twelve years old and lives with her embittered Aunt Maggie. She has never known her Italian mother, but her Mediterranean beauty is there for all to see and makes the villagers mistrustful. Maggie is emotionally distraught when her brother (Elenya’s father) leaves home in search of his wife. Maggie does not know how to love Elenya and retreats even further into herself. Elenya feels completely isolated and unloved when news comes that her father has joined up to fight in the war. She finds her only solace wandering in the woods behind the cottage.
By chance, she discovers a German airman, Franz, badly wounded after parachuting from his plane. On instinct she decides to help him, keeping his presence a secret from the village. Although neither speaks the other language, with time they grow close, even intimate. She is fascinated by him and his vulnerability. He is utterly dependent on her for his daily needs. The final crisis comes when Elenya is betrayed by her school friend. The villagers discover that there is an enemy in their midst and take it upon themselves to hunt him down.