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Double Game with Anne – Gotta have it

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Thriller | 90 min | NDR | 1999
Written by: Allison Hock, Jan Weber | Director: Donald Kraemer | Camera: Karl Finkbeiner
Cast: Thure Riefenstein, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Shaun Lawton, Felix Bresser, Elke Sommer

Security consultant Anne can’t believe her eyes: though she was convinced he was dead, her former lover and colleague Jimmy is alive! His present mission, on behalf of an insurance company, is to test the alarm system that protects the diet formula developed by her friend Kurt, which is being kept in a pharmaceutical company.

Anne, a former industrial espionage agent, now comes to believe that Jimmy is working for himself – and plans to steal the formula. Meanwhile Inspector Zaller, who has been keeping an eye on them for some time, suspects that they are in league and up to no good...