Television Film


Thriller | 90 min | ZDF | 1989
Written by: Rolf Silber | Director: Rolf Silber | Camera: Egon Werdin
Filmed in: Rothenbuch
Cast: Winfried Glatzeder, Krista Posch, Daniele Legler, Hans Beerhenke

Michael Sellner, manager of an amusement park, wants to start a new project in the Spessart Forest: a fairytale park. He has even found a suitable valley which belongs to an old falconer and his widowed daughter-in-law Rena.
Sellner doesn't think he'll have any problem with the owners of the property - until he comes to realise that in these parts money isn't always the solution. At the same time, his growing interest in Rena Bergner is confounded by the appearance of Mohammed Yachmi, an Arab businessman who has bought one of old man Bergner’s rare wild falcons and wants to present the bird to a sheikh back home.
Rena Bergner foils this by stealing the falcon herself, but Michael Sellner happens to see her doing so. This gives him the means to exert pressure upon Rena, so it looks as though he will be able to buy the valley after all. But now Yachmi’s behaviour prompts Sellner to embark upon a curious competition with the man, a contest for the falcon... and for Rena Bergner herself.