Feature Film


Drama | 100 min | Bluelight Productions, Wave Pictures, Film Development Corporation | 2000
Written by: Geraldine Creed | Director: Geraldine Creed | Camera: Markus Fraunholz
Filmed in: Dublin and surroundings, Ardmore Studios/Bray, Hannover
Cast: Jason Barry, Phelim Drew, Lindsey Harris, Peter Lohmeyer, Tara McNamee

In a bleak futuristic Irish rural landscape, a young biker, Killer, witnesses the self-immolation of a woman whose husband died six weeks after being assigned to the Waste Disposal facility off the Aran Islands. By this time, individuals have lost the right to choose school and work, but some, such as Killer, decide not to live that way. He is accepted by Alf's Chaos Circus where acts include the use of a chainsaw by Spider and doing motorbike stunts. Alf's daughter Grace, a self-mutilating performer and mechanic, who is in love with Killer, inadvertently makes artificial limbs for Killer, who is kidnapped by Alf's henchmen. At Alf's request Dr Haze deliberately amputates one of Killer's arms and a leg in order to make him dependent on him, and Killer becomes the circus' star attraction before exacting revenge on his mentor.