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Comedy | 90 min | NDR | 1998
Written by: Martin Rauhaus, Christopher Roth | Director: Christopher Roth | Camera: Bella Halben
Cast: Nicolette Krebitz, Marek Harloff, Roman Knizka, Benno Fürmann, Vadim Glowna, Christine Neubauer,
Wilfried Hochholdinger, Jed Curtis, Anna Böttcher, Detlev Buck, Patrick Frey, Hans-Martin Stier,
Balduin Baas, Traudl Haas

Young Candy is released after serving two years in prison. Olli, under the impression that he is her stepbrother, persuades his flatmates Robert and Markus to take in the wayward girl and help her lead a respectable life. But after spending just one evening in her company all three young men are bewitched by Candy. Their friendship is put to the test in extreme fashion.

But somebody else has been waiting for Candy, who is a collector: nobody and nothing is safe from her nimble fingers. This is Schulz, the hunter. A mysterious character who claims to be an undercover police officer, his past is marked by curious discrepancies and his character by a crippling mother complex. Things come to a head when Candy’s room proves to contain a "genuine" Matisse - and shortly afterwards, a dead body...