Television Film

Breakfast for Enemies

Thriller | 94 min | ZDF | 1988
Written by: Jochen Baier, Norbert Kerkhey | Director: Jochen Baier, Norbert Kerkhey | Camera: Ludolph Weyer
Filmed in: Essen
Cast: Niels Hansen, Nadja Engelbrecht, Jürgen Schornagel, Martin Ankermann, Wolf Seesemann, Uli Wiggers

A social scientist has been sent to the industrial region of the Ruhr valley to conduct some curious research: his task is to establish at what point terrorist attacks and civil unrest would lead to the collapse of public order in modern Western cities. Together with a call girl who has an interesting sideline in industrial espionage, he becomes embroiled in a network of conspiracies on the basis of "everybody against everybody", involving the German CID and neo-Nazi terrorists among others.