Television Film

A Good Mother

  • Eine gute Mutter 1
  • Eine gute Mutter 2
  • Eine gute Mutter 3

Drama | 90 min. | NDR / ARD Degeto | 2017

Written by: Christian Jeltsch

Director: Claudia Garde

Camera: Philip Peschlow

Cast: Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Mina Tander, Juri Winkler, Axel Milberg, Judy Winter, Lucas Prisor, Marek Harloff, Gerdy Zint, Werner Wölbern, Jenny Elvers et al.

Single mother Mona, who has brought her two children back to the little fishing village on the Baltic where she grew up in order to say farewell to the world, meets the local police Inspector, Greta, who is intent on leaving home and turning her back on her job, her boyfriend and her mother.


Greta, who has just been appointed to the Berlin Homicide Commission and is delighted at the prospect of leaving town forever, suddenly discovers that she is pregnant. This wasn't part of her plan – but now another shock is in store for her; a young girl has vanished without trace: Mona’s daughter. Greta has come to feel there is a strange bond between her and Mona, and now she throws herself into the task of discovering what has happened to little Malen, utilizing all forces at her disposal. There are various indications that a violent crime may have been committed, and Greta begins to investigate Mona’s past. The desperate search for the little girl leads us deeper and deeper into the souls of the two female protagonists, finally revealing the trauma of Mona's older son, Danny, who only ever wanted to do the right thing… 



First Broadcast on November 1 at 20:15, ARD.



Festivals & Competitions:


Three Nominations by the 'German Academy of Television' (DAFF) in the categories 'Actress Leading Role', 'Director of Photography' and 'Commissioning Editor/ Producer'. 


In the 'Rockie Awards Program Competition' (Category: Television Movie) at the BANFF World Media Festival 2018 in Canada.

World Premiere at the 35th Munich Film Festival 2017.

In the Competition at the 'Festival des deutschen Films' in Ludwigshafen 2017.


In the Competition at the 'Biberacher Filmfestspiele' 2017.