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A Deadly Offence

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Thriller | 90 min | ZDF | 1995
Written by: Mark Rosman | Director: Tony Randel | Camera: Rodger Hinrichs
Cast: Marijam Agischewa, Jan Niklas, Birgit Doll, Gunter Schoß, Diana Körner, Oliver Broumis, Rufus Beck

Psychotherapist Dr. Katharina Sand is particularly terrified by a series of brutal murders: the killer seems to be picking off her immediate colleagues one by one. And a police investigation suggests that a patient who has been treated in this clinic could be the culprit.

Katharina suspects a man from her therapy group who was convicted of sexual abuse. But her private patient Alex Neumann is also behaving very strangely. However, her connection with him is more than the normal doctor-patient relationship. And suddenly the situation becomes life-threatening for Katharina...