Television Film

A Baby to Love

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Comedy | 90 min | SWR | 2003
Written by: Monika Peetz | Director: Hartmut Griesmayr | Camera: Hans-Jörg Allgeier
Filmed in: Munich, Stuttgart
Cast: Anica Dobra, Bernhard Schir, Dieter Landuris, Katharina Müller-Elmau, Max Gertsch, Maren Kroymann,
Maximilian Bäumler, Matthias Bäumler, Bernd Gnann, Arnulf Schumacher, Tamara Barth

Experienced traffic cop Leo Fink has spent many hours of his free time developing a concept which would transform the entire road traffic situation in Stuttgart and avoid congestion completely. But Vera Becker, the arrogant boss of the Road Traffic Department, icily rejects this brilliant scheme. Not until she happens to see Leo with a baby in his arms does this cold-hearted single woman become interested in the little policeman.

Unfortunately the baby belongs to his next-door neighbour, Antonia; she is a chaotic character, and Leo doesn’t get on with her at all. But now he grits his teeth and offers his services as a babysitter in an attempt to gain Vera's affection. However, the plan works too well - because both Vera and Antonia fall in love with Leo at the same time, producing the inevitable complications...