Filming in Autumn / Winter 2018


Though no longer together as a couple, Julia and Tom share the task of bringing up their daughter Anni. But Julia’s feelings are still deeply hurt by the way their relationship broke down, and she starts adopting vicious strategies in an attempt to deny Tom access to his daughter.


The family drama BECAUSE SHE BELONGS TO ME (WT) discloses the different perspectives of the people entangled in this hopeless situation, employing a sensitive grasp of psychology to show how a family can be reduced to victims and perpetrators in a dramatic case of estrangement between two parents.



BECAUSE SHE BELONGS TO ME (WT) is an FFP New Media production commissioned by SWR for the First Channel. The screenplay is by Katrin Bühlig, and the director is Alexander Dierbach. The main roles are played by Julia Koschitz, Felix Klare and Lisa Marie Trense, while the cast also includes Merle Collet, Teresa Harder, Lutz Blochberger, Monika Lennartz and Theresa Berlage.


Filming will run from mid-October to mid-November 2018. This TV movie will be broadcast in 2019 in the slot Wednesday Film on ARD.


BILLY KUCKUCK – A GOOD MOTHER is a continuation of the TV movie collection with Aglaia Szyszkowitz in the title role, playing an unconventional bailiff who acts on the principle that justice takes priority over the letter of the law.


In the second movie Billy Kuckuck becomes involved in a conflict between a mother and the Welfare Services – and immediately decides this is her new mission. The young woman in question has an IQ of 75 and is therefore borderline mentally handicapped. Bringing up her young child is a huge challenge for her, but extraordinary Mainz bailiff Billy Kuckuck resolves to do everything in her power to ensure that the mother gets the help she needs and can continue to raise her little boy…

v. l. Simone Höller (Produzentin), Claudia Gerlach-Benz (Redaktion SWR), Gregor Bloéb, Finnlay Berger, Thomas Freundner (Regie), Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Anemone Müller (Producerin), Benjamin Dernbecher (Kamera)


The second part of the successful BILLY KUCKUCK film collection is an FFP New Media production commissioned by SWR and ARD Degeto for the First Channel. The screenplay is once again by Kirsten Peters, and the director is Thomas Freundner. Alongside Aglaia Szyszkowitz in the title role the production features Gregor Bloéb as her ex-husband, Ursela Monn as Billy’s mother and Vivien Sczesny as her daughter, reprising their performances from the first film. The part of the young mother in this film is played by Nina Gummich.


Filming will continue until mid-December in Mainz. This production will be broadcast in the slot Friday At Last on ARD.

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